Teenager Electrocuted in Flooded Street, Some Other Corpse Floating by 

As a result of the storm that broke out in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area a teenager was hospitalized in a serious condition after being electrocuted.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at an intersection, where the minor came into contact with a light pole and suffered an electric shock.

The sequence was recorded by a security camera that captured the young man while he was walking through the flooded street and, at the moment he tried to return to the sidewalk, he ended up collapsed on the street while trying to hold on to the metal structure.

According to the testimonies of the neighbors, they realized what happened to the teenager when they heard the scream he gave when he was electrocuted.

While several of the adults who were on the block came out to assist him, one of his brothers who was with him was in charge of notifying his mother about what had happened.

Later another of the residents began to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers on him when he realized that the minor was not breathing.

They were doing CPR for 15 minutes with a neighbor until the ambulance arrived. In the same way, they had to carefully move him to an area where the water was not so high to be able to revive him.

The teen totally lost consciousness, and he was still unconscious when the medical staff prepared to transport him.

In addition, the spokespersons for the Buenos Aires hospitals confirmed that the minor was admitted to the Hospital in Lanús and that his condition was classified as critical, so his prognosis will remain reserved.

On the other hand, during the early hours of Tuesday, the death of a man was reported after neighbors noticed that a body was floating at an intersection. In addition, neighbors complained about the time it took for emergency services to remove the remains, due to the complexity of entering the area due to the extensive flooding in the streets.