Police in Action

February 13, 2022, Concord, North Carolina, USA – Officer Timothy Larson went to a Nissan dealership parking lot to investigate a reported carjacking and discovered Brandon Combs, 29, sitting in a Nissan truck Frontier outside the dealership. Combs had been released from prison about 36 hours earlier and had an out-of-state fugitive warrant and multiple felony convictions.


The situation between the police officer and the offender escalated so much that Larson fired multiple shots at the offender. Officers then removed Combs from the truck and gave him first aid until emergency services arrived before he was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries.


Officer Larson was fired in May. Larson allegedly provided misleading or false answers to his supervisors and the State Bureau of Investigation, which was investigating the shooting. In late August, the district attorney’s office announced that former police officer Timothy Larson would not be charged in connection with the fatal shooting. Combs’ mother, Virginia Tayar, filed a federal lawsuit in August against Larson and the Concord Police Department, charging him with excessive use of force, assault and battery, felony and intentional homicide and gross negligence.

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