💀 necrophilia

A short story. Unfulfilled erotic desire. All my life I have been attracted to sexual fantasies in which I am a woman who someone kills and uses my dead body. Pressured by long-standing wishes that I was a woman, I changed my gender, my appearance changed, now I look like a sexy busty middle-aged woman, now somehow the possibility opens up for my fantasy to come true. I started to dress in tight clothes so that my new female body looks as provocative as possible and attracts the attention of people with bad intentions. Trying to make my fantasy come true, I started walking late at night on dark streets in places where someone could rape or kill me, weeks passed and no one killed me. So one night I came home late after a walk through the dark streets, took off my tight clothes that squeezed my new breasts, so naked I went into the bathroom, turned on the water in the shower and turned to the big mirror to look at my irresistibly sexy body, left with my hand I start to knead my tits and with my right hand I start to touch my dick and start to jerk off my sexy body, for a moment I lose my balance from excitement and accidentally slip on the soap I fall as if mowed at the same time I hit my head on the toilet salt instant death without any warning all of a sudden only darkness, darkness, nothingness, dead as stone. Due to the quick death, my limbs remained stiff, one hand clutching the breasts and the other on the penis. Days passed that no one noticed that I was gone until some neighbors in the building began to complain about the great stench coming from my apartment, when they broke into the apartment they found my dead corpse already bloated and in the early stages of decomposition. It's really sad that my fantasy didn't come true and my body rotted without being used by someone.
Honestly that sounds so hot I wish you could live out your fantasy. With a murder kink like mine we'd get along great. (Murdering you wise.)
Меня очень сексуально возбуждает мысль о том, что меня убьют, но, конечно, если бы это произошло, я бы умер в конвульсивном страхе, потому что на полпути я бы наверняка передумал, но было бы уже слишком поздно, потому что меня уже превратили бы в кусок мяса. Я уже кончаю в штаны, когда думаю о своей смерти вот так
Ты жив?