đź’€ How to view "Underground" section for The YNC without a membership


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Firstly browse through the Underground section until you find a video you want to watch


Then right-click on the thumbnail and click on "copy image address"
(or "open image in new tab")


Paste the link into your search bar and it'll redirect you to the thumbnail of the chosen video


Once you've done that, just mess around with the image link Exactly like shown here:

Step 1. Grab your link and Replace h ttps://theync. com/media/thumbs with h ttps://media.theync .com/videos
h ttps://theync. com/media/thumbs/1/4/5/3/5/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4-3.jpg

Once replaced it should look something like this:
h ttps://media.theync. com/videos/1/4/5/3/5/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4-3.jpg

Step 2. Delete everything past ".mp4"
h ttps://media.theync. com/videos/1/4/5/3/5/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4-3.jpg

Once deleted it should look something like this:

h ttps://media.theync. com/videos/1/4/5/3/5/145351862cee7bb4f02e.mp4

Step 3. Now watch and enjoy because you are all done!


You should now be able to view and download any video for free.

I hope this helps any of you that took the time to read and follow

I put in spaces in between the links because it kept on glitching, delete them if you are copying.

Video I chose for the example is attached below.

- Harry


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Just by looking at the photo of the thumbnail you already know that it is from the German metalhead who killed the girl he was obsessed with, that story and the photos of his head are well known, if that is in the NYC underground pufff they charge money for it That is already wrong, most of the material that is in the underground is mostly random stuff from amateur couples