💀 Does anybody got the cat in a blender vid?


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I'm helping my friend do a video and this is for educational purposes only, he has no balls to see it and send me to search for it but i couldn't find it anywhere. Saw one post on reddit saying that i could find it in this forum, does anyone has it?
I have searched for it too, but i had no success. even here I had high expectations of finding what I was looking for. could you share it?
thank you ripper for sharing, i found the part 1 before but the quality was really bad, it had no audio and parts were missing so i couldn't really describe what was happening
damn, looks like the part 2 isn't about the same cat, the vid i got ended when they put him in the microwave, i thought part 2 was just about them cooking him and eating the cat or something. Gruesome, but again, thank you and this is for educational purposes only