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New Gore Website is good?

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hello, I found a new website where gore videos are posted. what do you say about him? do you think it will be better than "seegore", "bestgore" I don't really think so... I'm waiting for your opinion in the comments

website : https://goreviral.fun
I come across new sites occasionally but I don't usually say anything about it cause I don't know if it is new for everyone else or just me.
I've few suggestions which are:

1.First provide the proper tags to the videos all videos are mixed up.

2.Change the video streaming method. I don't think so streamhum provide better experice. User @airpod also used the same service and provide links on goreflix. Now his account and all the threads has been gone from here. @TheRipper may be remeber that.

3.Avoid adding those fucking huge watermarks of website.
hello, I'm not the administrator of the site, I just found it and thought to share it
update: the website no longer has many ads

and from the sources I have, Mark Marek is the one who made the site
Another site that does not know how to exploit the gore theme, none so far does it well, at least this one does not have watermarks although they will arrive
no view counter, ive seen all the videos there get posted on telegram already. the Ricardo Lopez suicide videos is a cut version and not the full thing, plus it has 2 different watermarks and 3 if u count the one goreviral added. shit ui, annoying watermarks, little to no features made with wordpress.

网站:https: //goviral.f

我知道该网站有很多广告...这很奇怪,但我不知道..我不是广告方面的专家 Streamhub,网站管理员