Removal of FishHook From Eyeball

The video shows the extraction of a metal fish hook that got impaled in the patient’s eye, piercing the cornea and damaging the iris.

Trauma caused by fish hooks may involve all structures of the eye including the lid, cornea, sclera, anterior chamber and even the posterior vitreous. These injuries can be associated with subsequent traumatic cataract, vitreous hemorrhage, choroidal hemorrhage, and even retinal detachment. In certain circumstances, they can lead to endophthalmitis with partial or complete loss of vision and loss of the eye.

Treatment of these injuries depends on the location of injury, the involved ocular structures, and the type of hook involved.
It is occasionally difficult to manage these cases. The cut-it-out technique for fish-hook removal is an ideal option in cases where visualization is difficult. Ultimately, prevention is the key. Adequate personal eye protection is necessary to prevent such untoward accidents.

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