Don’t get me started on remakes. I’ve already had one rant on the subject this week and it’s only Thursday. Following news that a Leprechaun reboot is in the works, apparently demonic little serial killer Chucky is being resurrected with a sequel AND a remake (nicely timed for the original movie’s 25th anniversary which screams “cash in” to me). But that’s not all. Already rebooted more times than Batman, Michael Myers looks like he’ll be back on the prowl, if Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes studio has its way.

Not content with ruining Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Ninja Turtles (I’m preempting that one), Platinum Dunes’ attempts to get its hands on one of horror’s finest franchises isn’t a welcome one. One of the few to come through two reboots with its reputation intact (both Halloween H2O and the Rob Zombie-directed Halloween and Halloween II rank among Michael Myers’s finest outings) yet another resurrection is likely to be bad news. There comes a time when studios have to say enough is enough. There are only so many times you can rehash a story and still have an audience coming back for more.

By all means make a Halloween sequel, there was plenty of room left for a follow-up at the end of Zombie’s Halloween II. But when the franchise was reinvented so brilliantly, anything other than a slash-perfect remake is likely to be a failure. But then again, money talks. Myers is arguably horror’s biggest character, more important to the genre than even Jason or Freddy, and the fans will turn out in their droves to see whatever half-baked flick he appears in. But isn’t it time we said enough is enough? All these remakes are beginning to water down what made Halloween such a chilling movie in the first place. I’ll just watch the original; the movie that spawned a thousand copyists and set the tone for the genre for more than three decades. Why would we need anything else?

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